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What is The Pro Guarantee?

The Pro Guarantee is a policy by TradiePro that ensures safety and protection to the homeowners. This policy safeguards its money in our trust until the job is completed perfectly. Learn more here

How can I release the money after the job is done?

The money will be released once the homeowner indicates the job is done on the dashboard. Homeowners will release the money after they are satisfied with the work. For Desktop users, the process includes You can go to the My Jobs section available on the menu. Go to the concerned Job and click on View…

How can TradiePro benefit me?

TradiePro is a platform that offers a stage for homeowners as well as improvement workers to connect. Homeowners can easily post the jobs they want to get done in their homes while licensed and validated workers can make bids in order to get hired. We offer the ProGuarantee feature to safeguard the entire project. The…

What are the jobs homeowners can get at TradiePro?

TradiePro has different job posting options available. We help you find Pro workers for jobs as small as home improvements and as big as building projects.  You can check out the category tab to find different jobs including builders, handyman, carpenters, electrical, plumbing, paintings, cleaning, bathrooms, and kitchen. You can simply choose the job you…

Can I get help on how to choose a fee in order to put a bid?

TradiePro allows its users to get help in order to make a profitable offer for a certain. Kindly read- How should I decide what price to offer? and check the right price. 

How do I get started at TradiePro?

The onboard procedure for homeowners and employers are direct. They can easily signup with basic details and post the job. Homeowners can also signup through Google or Facebook. They will be needed to provide an email while creating a strong password. Once you have entered all the details, a verification code will be sent to…

What can be the longest duration to post a job?

The jobs can be posted for a date within the next 6 months. Yes, you can make advanced job postings at TradiePro.

What is the price I need to pay to get a certain job done?

The price or fee you will pay is decided by the worker or the company offering the job. You will get bids that will quote the price. To know more about this method, kindly visit

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