Homeowners Guidelines

Homeowners Guidelines

We work hard to uphold these guidelines not only because we truly believe in being open and honest, but so that everyone can enjoy our marketplace.

Our Contribution to the Community

TradiePro is a platform rigorously working to connect opportunities with skills and dedication. Our community guidelines concerning homeowners or job providers highlight the benchmark of our services while emphasizing the values. We ensure our guidelines are accurately implemented to ensure the transparency and originality of our services in the work environment.

The community guidelines adopted by TradiePro aims at delivering services in a reliable, secure, and productive environment. We have a team of experts who offer quick resolutions for issues prevalent. In exchange for a productive and efficient environment, TradiePro seeks timely response and coordination. This includes a spontaneous report of any violations made to our guidelines. There is a Report as Inappropriate feature in the comments and job sections. You can also report by checking out the Contact Us option.

This document is subjected to changes and modifications in order to adopt the best practices in favor of the TradiePro community. We strictly examine and take action against any sort of violations made in the website and its contents. If anyone is found violating the terms of these guidelines, strict actions would be taken. The actions might include removal of content, job posts, offers made to TradiePro, and even account deactivation or suspension.

Guidelines Concerning Job Posts

TradiePro is a marketplace that helps you acquire optimum services. We intend to create a secure and respectful environment by following the guidelines given below:
– The posted jobs must not relate to any illegal or unethical activity.
– Must not contain the use of restricted items.
– No adult or escort activity should be intended.
– Explicit details must be provided highlighting the scope, budget, and time of the job.
– Posts should be related to highlight job requirements.
– Advertising is prohibited.
– The jobs must not include alcoholic substances.

1. Publishing Confidential Information

To keep TradiePro’s values such as integrity and originality enacted, the private information concerning the contact details will be shared through private messages only. In order to prevent any security breach, the contact details, as well as third-party links, are not allowed to be shared on the website through attachments and comments.

Such attachments and contact information should not include business sites, social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, contact details including email address, contact number, and other individual websites. The guideline is intended to ensure privacy and security from scams and frauds.

2. Intolerable Attitude/Actions

TradiePro keeps community harmony in front of its values. We aim at improving and promoting attributes such as respect, politeness, and empathy. Any negative behavior and actions are not at all tolerable towards the staff and Pros of TradiePro. These behaviors will include
2.1 Physical Assault or Hatred
2.2 Inequality/Discrimination
2.3 Harassment
2.4 Any other illegal attitude towards the homeowners
2.5 Trolling

3. We Do Not Support Unethical Practices

TradiePro intends to bridge the gaps between communities with dedicated cooperation and support. Our guidelines strictly prohibit practices concerning violations of our attempt to create reliable and transperant surroundings. These practices include,
3.1 False Review for TradiePro.
3.2 Using artificial methods to enhance public image.
3.3 Practicing discussion forum
3.4 Inappropriately collecting member data
3.5 Using TradiePro for lead generation
3.6 Posting fraud and decisive jobs

4. Guidelines Concerning Payments & Fees

We request all the homeowners and employers to carefully understand the pricing and payment procedures at TradiePro.

4.1 No Policy Concerning Part Payments: The offers are required to be accepted for the complete execution of the job. The offer you accept contains the final amount required to be paid without bearing any additional fees or hidden charges. TradiePro holds the right to remove or modify the jobs having partial payment elements or commission facility.

4.2 TradiePro Payment Account: TradiePro doesn’t support any cash payments. You are required to make online payments as soon as you accept an offer. The money will be sent to TradiePro’s Payment account and will not be released to the Pro until and unless the work is completed. The Payment Account for TradiePro assures the absolute safety of your funds.

4.3 Authentic Banking Details: You must ensure that the banking details you provide are accurate and authentic. You can make payments on credit, debit, master, and VISA cards. You need to add the right details in the payments setting section.

4.4 Payment Options: TradiePro allows you to make payments through debit and credit cards apart from Mastercard and Visa cards. Cash or physical payment methods are not accepted.

5. Job Outcomes Responsibility

Once an offer is accepted, the responsibility lies with the Pro and you for the job you have posted. The outcome of the job and the behavior at work is your and Pro worker’s responsibility. You are responsible for,

5. Job Outcomes Responsibility

5.1 The Behavior towards TradiePro’s Members: TradiePro keeps an account of experiences reported by TradiePro members concerning a respective job poster. In case, you are found to breach any of the guidelines mentioned over here, you will be subjected to account cancellation, suspension, and removal of content/job posts from the site.

6. Eligibility to Acces TradiePro's Services

Its good to take the charge, but TradiePro keeps a check on your eligibility by assessing certain qualifications mentioned below

6.1 Age Restrictions: The members of the TradiePro community, whether Pros or posters must be at least 18 years of age or more. It is mandatory under the legal contract requirement. We hold the right to ensure your age by asking for legal proof of age.

7. Account Management

Here are the guidelines concerning account management at TradiePro. Please read them carefully to avoid any breach.

7.1 Account Transfers are Prohibited: Being a Pro, you must stay cautious about the use of your account. The transfer to any other person is not at all acceptable as your profile reflects your skills and capabilities.

7.2 Account Duplication is Not Allowed: Each member should have only one account on the TradiePro platform. TradiePro shall immediately remove any account attempting to disguise any other member’s history and skills. The job contracts, offers, and any content posted by other accounts will be replaced.

7.3 Cooperation is Must at Every Stage of Interaction with TradiePro Staff and Community: Homeowners are required to certainly oblige with the requests made by the TradiePro team concerning information about a job or dispute.

8. Identity on TradiePro

TradiePro is dedicated to aligning its efforts in creating an environment that promotes safety and efficiency. In order to do this, all the homeowners and job posters are required to add their profile pictures and names. We build a community based on trust and authenticity, which is why it’s significant to promote such details.

Fake/Decisive and miscellaneous photographs and names are not acceptable on the TradiePro platform. The members will be asked to change their details if the name and profile photos found do not match the expected TradiePro’s standard.

81. Name: The name must be your real name as mentioned on the legal documents like driving licenses and passports.

8.2 Profile Picture: A profile photo showing the front of the concerned’s member’s face in order to make recognition facile is necessary.